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Cuarteto Rotterdam

„Cuarteto Rotterdam can with good reason be regarded as one of the best European tango ensembles“, „excellent interaction“, „the best and most interesting tango music that I have heard in a long time“, „this tango quartet of European top class enthralls“ – these are just some of the effusive press reactions over the last years.

Today, concert halls and international tango festivals like in Paris, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Berlin or Buenos Aires can no longer be imagined without these four musicians, who have always been able to inspire both concert-goers and tango dancers and 2011 they won the 1st price at the International Accordion Competition Klingenthal.

Cuarteto Rotterdam was founded in 2004 during their tango-study at the „Rotterdam Academy for World Music“ (Netherlands) and also was named after its birthplace. Since 2007 they live in Berlin and Stuttgart.

For them, tango is full of passion, virtuosity and power – taking account of more than 100 years of tango history. Being conscious of this tradition, they perform the early and more cheerful kind of tango music from the Guardia Vieja era with such ease that it makes everyone want to dance. In a compact quartet style they present the Golden Age of tango from the 1940’s with the highlights of the grand orchestras a la Di Sarli, Troilo, D’Arienzo, Pugliese or Salgán. They feel so close to the challenging Tango Nuevo of Astor Piazzolla that the heartfelt melancholy and complexity of this music is noticeable all the time. And curious they are as well – curious about the new aspects of tango. In searching for the tango of the 21st century, they have included contemporary Argentine and European tango pieces in their concert and dance programme.

The Quartet’s classic structure, consisting of bandoneon, violin, piano and double bass, provides a sound experience ranging between tradition and modernity. With their experience, creativity and imagination, this small orchestra conjures up a world of tango for all kinds of emotions.

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