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Orquesta Típica Sabor A Tango

Orquesta Típica Sabor A Tango – Pablo (José Martínez)

4 violins, 4 bandoneons, piano and double bass take the sound and power of the „orquesta típica“ to your stage, the classic Tango orchestra from the golden years of Argentine Tango. The wide-ranging repertoire consists of original transcriptions of the great Tango orchestras as well as own arrangements and compositions. SABOR A TANGO is conducted by Peter Reil and Robert Schmidt, two well-known and experienced Tango musicians, who have been performing all over the world.

Brilliant and stylistically confident SABOR A TANGO present the deeply emotional music from the Rio De La Plata, always well-balanced between tradition and modern Tango. Since its foundation in 2003 the orchestra did a lot of exciting shows and concerts all over Europe.

Highlights to name especially are the concert with legendary Bandoneonist and Conductor Raúl Garello, celebrating the anniversary of city partnership Berlin-Buenos Aires as well as the Show „Ilusión de Tango“ with Maestro Luis Stazo of legendary Sexteto Mayor.

Recently SABOR A TANGO takes part regularly in the La Casa Del Tango concert series in La Luz in Osramhöfe Berlin.

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